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Choosing the right window treatments, bedding and accent pillows are a major facet to an appealing RV interior décor. Combining the right combination of products such as cornices, soft valances, drapes and curtains with the complimentary type of blind can be a great way to “mix and match” while creating one’s own personal flair.

Often the color and style of the window treatments dictate the rest of the décor, as they offer the focal point and theme. Updating window treatments can also “refresh” existing decors and give the entire interior a new look. Window treatments and bedding are an excellent way to showcase one’s personal taste and uniqueness. Ascot can assist you with that process when making selections. This service can provide that “customized look” not available from a retail store. Ascot offers a variety of window treatments that range from fabric covered cornice boxes, soft valances, stylish bedding and accent pillows that are all designed to work well with existing RV interiors. Trends now emphasize the importance of more color and the best way to achieve that is with the addition of the fabric being utilized on the window treatments. Even for the more urban and chic minded consumers, a sleek cornice board over a modern blind will look amazing and remain minimalistic.

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