Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I order from Canada?
A: Yes! Our website is not currently set up to ship to Canada, but if you call or email, we will get your order taken care of!

Q: How do I measure for a window treatment?
A: Just follow the easy measuring instructions on the How To Measure page.

Q: Can I install Ascot window treatments myself?
A: Yes, most of Ascot’s window treatments are easy to install. If you have an installation problem or question, contact Ascot at 574-773-6202 to get assistance.

Q: Do the window treatments come with everything I need to install them?
A: Yes, Ascot window treatments come with the necessary brackets and screws to install them. You will also need a screwdriver or screw gun to help with installation.

Q: Can I get color samples?
A: Yes, color samples are available to make sure you make the right color choice. 

Q: What is an inside mount?
A: An inside mount is a window treatment that is mounted inside the window frame. This provides a clean look and allows window molding to be shown off.

Q: What is an outside mount?
A: An outside mount is a window treatment that is mounted on the outside of the window frame. These hang on the frame or just above the frame. Using an outside mount is a good way to make a window appear larger than it is.

Q: How do I clean my Bedspread, Pillow Shams, Pillows and Curtains?
A: These items should be Dry Cleaned Only

Q: How do I clean my Pleated Shades?
A: Clean your pleated shades by frequent vacuuming to remove dust and airborne dirt. You may spot clean using a mild detergent such as Ivory and water and only clean the spot that is dirty by gently rubbing and removing the solution. DO NOT SOAK the pleated shade as excessive moisture will cause pleat retention failure. Ultrasound cleaning immerses the shade in solution so we do not recommend it. Dry cleaning is also not recommended due to variances in methods.