Single Roller Shade Installation

Gen 2 Single Roller Shade sizing, mounting, and controls

(Identified by mounting clips, aluminum top rail, clear recessed end caps)

Size = Width x Height


Screw mounting clip to mounting surface front side toward you. Insert top shade rail into the rear lip in the mounting clip and rotate the front of the rail up until it clicks into the lip of the clip. To remove press the front tang of the mounting clip up and rotate the front of the rail downward releasing the shade.


Clear knob on right facing end controls the drop point in the up position. In the up position rotate knob clockwise to lower, counter clockwise to raise.

Black knob on left facing end controls the speed of rise and is pre-set at the factory. Turn knob clockwise to increase the speed of rise, counter-clockwise to reduce the speed of rise.


Shade is preset for the drop at the factory to fit the window it is installed in. DO NOT PULL SHADE UNTIL IT STOPS, this may cause the cam to lock and disable the retractor. Should this happen, manually reach up to the roller tube and rotate counterclockwise releasing the shade so it retracts.