Wood Blind Installation

Wood Blind Diagram

Wood Blind Hold Down BracketHold down brackets if desired. Pin goes into the holes at each end of the bottom shade rail.

Wood Blind Box Bracket


Flip open the "door" of the bracket. Position the off "door" side 1/4" wider than the end of the blind head rail location. Fasten with screws to the mounting surface. Repeat the same operation on the opposite end of the head rail. Brackets are reversible.

Insert head rail into the brackets, making certain that the controls are to the front of the blind, and snap the "door" shut.

* Hold down brackets can be installed if needed for the bottom rail of the blind. Screw the bracket located so the pin will engage the hole in the bottom rail end cap.


To operate simply pull the Raise/Lower cords to raise or lower the Blind. To lock the cords pull to the right and release, to unlock pull the cords to the left and release. To tilt the slats pull the Slat Tilt Cords.


Blind comes with a wood valance which if desired can be installed using the 2 brackets by inserting the back side of bracket over the front of the head rail and snapping in the valance into the front side of the bracket.